╰┈➤ COST OF LIVING Create an America where people who work hard can afford a decent life by raising the minimum wage, supporting labor, expanding free childcare, cutting energy prices, reining in military spending, and cleaning out corruption.    

╰┈➤ HOME OWNERSHIP Preserve the dream of owning a home for all through tax-free 3% government-backed mortgage bonds, revitalizing derelict land, zoning and tax code changes.

╰┈➤ ENVIRONMENT Unite Americans around healthy food, pure water, clean air, and living rivers, forests, grasslands, and wetlands by shifting agricultural subsidies, modernizing industry, protecting wild lands, and restoring the USDA and EPA to their proper role of protecting health and the environment. 

╰┈➤ HONEST GOVERNMENT Remake public institutions to serve the public by rolling back secrecy and making government transparent, reining in lobbyists and getting money out of politics – restoring integrity to government.

╰┈➤ HEAL THE DIVIDE Lead the country toward an ethos of respectful dialog and reconciliation across races, parties, and divisions by focusing on the values Americans have in common.

╰┈➤ PEACE Restore peace to America by ending foreign wars, bringing home the troops, and devoting the freed-up resources to revitalize America’s infrastructure, cities and public service.

╰┈➤ IMMIGRATION End the humanitarian crisis created by open borders by sealing the border to illegal immigration, working with other countries to stem the tide of migrants and fully fund the administrative infrastructure for lawful, orderly immigration to this country.

╰┈➤ CIVIL LIBERTIES Restore our rights by ending censorship and surveillance, reducing incarceration, and respecting the rights and dignity of all citizens.

╰┈➤ RACIAL HEALING Heal the legacy of racism in our country through reforms that will directly impact marginalized groups. 

╰┈➤ NATIVE AMERICANS Heal relationships with tribal nations through cultural renewal, protection of religious practices, sacred sites and tribal sovereignty while elevating conversations around restoration of lands, reparations for broken treaties, and protection of natural resources in Indian Country. 

╰┈➤ REVITALIZATION Reverse America’s economic decline by rebuilding industrial infrastructure, supporting labor, strengthening America’s small businesses, breaking up large monopoly corporations and curing our chronic disease epidemic – moving America from a sick care system to a wellness society.

╰┈➤ HEALTH & MEDICAL FREEDOM Health and Medical Freedom in this nation is right now. Americans are rising out of the dark days of COVID, rubbing our eyes and seeing the world around us for what it really is - many for the very first time! Now is the moment where real Health and Medical Freedom change canand willoccur if we get Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the Whitehouse. 

America needs someone with Kennedy’s dedication, intelligence, values, and the will to fight for what is right. Please support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his run for the presidency.