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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On The Issues

★ On Guns

  • RFK supports the 2nd amendment, as he does the entire US Constitution. He has stated clearly several times that he’s not going to take people's guns away.
  • We need to look at other causes of violence,, including division among Americans, distrust of government, different pharmaceuticals such as SSRIs, video games, and other areas. 
  • Of course, not everyone on SSRIs goes insane and kills people, but not everyone who smokes gets cancer, and nonetheless,, there is a connection. 
  • The NIH should be studying what happened to make school shootings a novel reality in modern America. 

 ★ On Addiction / Recovery Plan for America

  • Legalize Cannabis on the federal level
  • Tax it to fund a national recovery program
  • Build recovery programs in rural America
  • Incorporate organic farming into programs
  • Tackle addiction and rural revitalization at the same time

★ On Working Class Economic Issues

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour..
  • Close loopholes and tighten enforcement against illegal corporate union-busting
  • Increase government assistance programs like food stamps
  • Fund increase with reinvested funds from military escapades abroad 
  • Bobby supports universal free school lunch 

 ★ On Prison Reform

  • Repeal the 1994 crime bill that led to record levels of incarceration of African Americans.. 
  • Work to secure early release for nonviolent offenders. 
  • Restructure incarceration so it is based on rehabilitation rather than punishment. 
  • He will be tough on keeping violent criminals off the street but generous in supporting the human spirit’s natural desire to change and reform.

★ On Immigration and Border Policy

  • What’s happening on our southern border is a humanitarian crisis. 
  • It’s a disgraceful reflection of the political class’s abdication of its primary function: to govern, to safeguard national security, and to alleviate suffering.
  • Over the last three years, some 7 million people have entered the United States, most of them illegally. While many are fleeing legitimate persecution and possible death in their native countries, most are coming here for work.
  • The border crisis is overwhelming local jurisdictions and fueling xenophobic bigotry that some politicians and pundits use to whip up more division among everyday Americans. At the same time, our president seems oblivious that a crisis exists. The immigrants are preyed upon by cartels and human traffickers. They’re stripped of their meager belongings and raped and murdered or left to die of thirst in the desert. How can our government ignore this? President Biden has failed to exercise leadership and to take effective action. It’s a surrender to dystopia. We’re losing Border Patrol agents to suicide; they’re so demoralized. Compassion and decency demand that we not allow the current situation to continue.
  • These people are families, mothers, and children desperate to find a haven, a place to work and live with some hope. And they’re not just from Latin and South America but from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, many of them driven out by conditions our military and political misadventures have created. But our country simply cannot give carte blanche to everyone who wants to come here to work and live. 
  • RFK Jr will seal the border to stanch the crisis and immediately appoint an adequate number of asylum judges to adjudicate asylum cases on the spot. Now, asylum applicants are given a court date seven years later and allowed in! The more significant challenge is to overhaul our long-neglected immigration policy. We’ve got to have a fair and orderly process for entry combined with regulated work and student visas that Kennedy will expand. Additionally, American employers must be brought to heel for their illegal hiring practices. One way to enforce legal hiring in this country is to issue every American a passport card free of charge – right now, they cost anywhere from $65 to $120. By requiring a passport for legal employment, Kennedy believes we will discourage illegal immigrants from coming, knowing that these documents are difficult to fabricate or to secure without proof of American citizenship.

 ★ On Abortion

  • Bobby Kennedy believes that every abortion is a tragedy but that it’s a choice that must reside with women. 
  • As a leading proponent of medical autonomy, Kennedy believes Americans have a fundamental right to make decisions and choices for their bodies. That’s not the government’s job.
  • Kennedy does not support legislation banning abortion. 

★ On Violent Crime

  •  Kennedy would support a bipartisan assault weapons ban. He’s quoted as saying, “I do not believe that there is, within the second amendment, anything we can meaningfully do to reduce the trade in the ownership of guns, and I’m not going to take people’s guns away.” [The Hill, June 28, 2023]
  • Kennedy will end the failed War on Drugs that fueled America’s mass incarceration and release non-violent offenders jailed under its statutes. He believes that American prisons should move from a punishment model to a rehabilitative one and that cannabis should be legalized. Drug addiction should not be criminalized but also rehabilitated through networks of organic farms.
  • He is opposed to qualified immunity for law enforcement. He wants to move policing back to the community model of walking neighborhoods, developing relationships with residents, and building trust, not invoking fear and panic. Training in de-escalation and mediation skills will be implemented. We must tamp down on the adversarial nature of the police-citizen relationship and incentivize police to prevent violence, not to make unnecessary arrests to meet a monthly quota. 
  • Kennedy supports a federal anti-Black hate crime law and will appoint an attorney general who will aggressively pursue investigations into alleged hate crimes and police misconduct. 

★ On Foreign Policy

  • Bobby wants to end the disastrous forever wars and reinvest the funds used for foreign interventionism abroad right here on the homefront to benefit the American people. 
  • Bobby believes that the wars in Ukraine and in Israel/Palestine are equally important from a perspective of peace. The question isn’t where we should devote the next hundred billion in military aid packages. The question is where the focus of our de-escalation and peacemaking efforts should be. 
  • Both conflicts pose a severe threat to global stability. With Bobby as President, he will push hard for negotiated settlements and a just and durable peace in Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, and throughout the rest of the globe. 
  • Our war is at home, for better healthcare, schools, infrastructure, health and wellness, for more affordable housing, and against growing wealth inequality. We don’t need nation-building abroad; we need it right on the homefront. 

 ★ On Censorship 

  • Censorship is profoundly anti-democratic and an enabling tool of corruption.  Bobby is often fond of saying that those censoring others were rarely on the right side of things throughout history. He has the honor of being censored for his truth-telling by the Trump and Biden Administrations. 
  • One of the key facts we learned from the Twitter Files was that White House staff coordinated with Big Tech to censor Bobby, which is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment.    
  • And why do they censor him?  Because he dissents from the government’s disastrous policies in many areas, and when he does so, he does so with all-too-unpleasant facts.    \
  • When he gets into office, Bobby will make defending the First Amendment one of his top priorities. Under his watch, this central right of the American people will be vigilantly defended from all the authoritarian elements seeking to efface it from the Constitution. 

 ★ On Open Debates 

  • The United States is spending billions of dollars around the world and in places like Ukraine to “spread democracy,” yet when it comes to our Presidential elections, the elites at the DNC, the mainstream media, and other centers of establishment power are blocking candidates who challenge entrenched-power and stand up for the people. 
  • Right now, voters thirst for authenticity and substantive discussion around big issues like war and peace, the economy, corporate capture of our regulatory agencies, etc. 
  • Bobby’s campaign is based on spirited, provocative, raw, and authentic discourse with the American people. He’s running on restoring “Truth” to the heart of our national conversation. 

 ★ On Energy 

  • Our energy policy should be based on a free market and not top-down control. 
  • We must end subsidies to Big Oil and allow the free market to determine which energy provider is best.   
  • What’s going to happen in this revived free market is that renewable energy is going to triumph.  Once you build a real wind or solar infrastructure, you will have free energy forever, so it will always be cheaper than the alternative.  The problem is that we do not have a transportation system to get them to market.  Bobby will spearhead the infrastructure building, allowing everyone to become an energy entrepreneur. 

★ On the Democratic Party

  • Corporate interests and neoconservatives hijacked the Democratic Party and became the party of war and corporatism. Betraying the legacy of Bobby’s uncle and father, not to mention the entire traditional ethos of the party, which entailed skepticism of corporate power and the military-industrial complex, the Democrats left behind Kennedy Democrats for good and thereby lost its soul. 
  • Bobby did not leave the party; the party left him. Out of fidelity to the spirit of the Democratic Party of FDR, JFK, and RFK, Bobby recently declared his independence from all party factionalism so as to fully confront the crisis of democracy in our nation and serve the people. 

★ On China

  • Bobby believes that China wants to refrain from competing with us militarily.  We need to de-escalate tensions in the Pacific. We should be competing with China economically.    
  • The same neocons in the White House and the State Department that want war in Ukraine want a war with China over Taiwan.  

★ On Lockdowns 

  • Lockdowns counter all the standard protocols delineated by nearly every international public health agency.  
  • The censorship that came from opposing the lockdowns was deeply anti-American. 
  • Lockdowns represented the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. We need to have a program of national justice that can bring the perpetrators to account. '
  • Lockdowns amounted to one of the worst weapons ever deployed in the establishment’s war on the working class. Bobby will ensure they never happen again. 

★ On War in Ukraine 

  • This war was sold to the American public with the same kind of comic book depictions with which the disastrous Iraq War was sold to us. It is another neoconservative adventure, one which has brought us to the brink of WW3. Bobby will bring all the parties to the negotiating table and scale back the current policies, leading us to a possible nuclear holocaust, which the American foreign policy establishment is pursuing. 
  • Russia did not want this war.  Russia’s been invaded three times through Ukraine in its history. Through then-Secretary of State Jim Baker and President George H.W Bush, the US promised not to move NATO up to Russia’s border. The continual breaking of this promise to our very own day has resulted in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Why Endorse Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. For President?

  • Bobby is a uniter, not a divider.  That’s why he is running as an Independent, to unite the country and heal the divide.  
  • Bobby is surging in the polls because people believe he is authentic and will always tell the truth.
  • He’s leading a populist movement that unites young, old, liberal, conservative, and people of all races.  But there’s something bigger happening – from donations to his campaign to those who are flocking to his events - we are seeing a wave of voters – once disenchanted, who are coming off the sidelines because they see a different candidate who will fight for them, not the corrupt special interests.
  • Kennedy’s commitment to free speech, peace, safeguarding our environment, economic recovery, and healing the divide in our nation are the same principles his father and uncle stood for.
  • Bobby believes that the wars in Ukraine and Palestine/Israel are equally important from the perspective of peace. The question isn’t where to devote the next hundred billion in military aid packages. The question is where our de-escalation and peacemaking efforts should focus. Both conflicts pose a severe threat to global stability. With Bobby as President, he will push hard for negotiated settlements and a just and durable peace.
  • The more people hear Kennedy, the more they like what they hear and think he’s the man for the moment.  The fundraising reflects it.  A lot more Americans are getting excited about the campaign.
  • Mr.  Kennedy has support that reaches across the political spectrum.  He embraces the totality of America.  Americans don’t want a President of a party; they want a President of the nation.
  • Americans want someone who can heal the divide; they want unity and are tired of polarization.  They want someone who can stand up to special interests, and most of all, they want a truth-teller.
  • This campaign is about the heart and spirit of America - that’s why people are getting excited - it's sweeping Americans up into this cause that’s bigger than us.
  • He has spent a lifetime fighting for clean water and clean air and standing up for the little guy against corrupt Big Corporations and corrupt government agencies.  
  • With the deaths of his father and uncle, he has seen from the inside how corrupt the system can be, and as an outsider, he uses that knowledge to fight for the people.
  • Americans are tired of polarized and divisive politics. They want someone to unite and lead the country – someone to find solutions, and that’s what Bobby has done his entire life.
  • Bobby also listens and learns and isn’t afraid to change his position on situations as more facts come to light – he isn’t locked into some political ideology.
  • Given who Bobby is and his family, he has seen from the inside just how corrupt government agencies and Big Business can be, but make no mistake, he is an outsider who fights for the people.
  • Bobby has repeatedly stated that he will not engage in negative attacks against Trump or any other candidates.
  • When Bobby announced as an independent candidate, he did so with the highest polling numbers in modern history, and every week his numbers climb.  He entered with 19% of the vote and now is between 22% and 26% in a three-way race, depending on your chosen poll.  He has the highest likability of any candidate running.  These numbers are staggering, considering the most intense smear campaign ever waged against a candidate. 
  • People want affordable housing.  They want someone to solve the problem of opioid and fentanyl addiction. They want to keep money in America instead of sending it to endless wars in places like Ukraine.  They want lower gas prices, a solid middle class, lower grocery prices, and lower interest rates.  They want someone to fight for them.  And that’s why they like RFK Jr.

Why Should I Endorse Bobby Over Trump?

  • When Trump originally ran, he promised to “drain the swamp.”  Unfortunately, we saw what happened: he appointed people like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton (who helped lead us into the Iraq War).  These two personify “the Swamp.”  He initially brought on Bobby to help oversee Vaccine Safety and replaced him with Pfizer lobbyists.  Bobby will do what he says.  He has been fighting against corrupt agencies and corporations his entire career.  
  • Trump said he would do many great things that people wanted to hear.  But his track record shows otherwise - from praising Wikileaks and Julian Assange to, along with his CIA Chief, Mike Pompeo, plotting an attempt to assassinate Assange.
  • Bobby has seen from the inside just how corrupt the system is since he lost his father and uncle.  He knows how the corrupt system works and won’t be afraid to dismantle it.  
  • Bobby has been fighting and beating corrupt government agencies and corporations.  He understands how they work, and he has consistently won them in court. 
  • Trump had his chance, and instead of draining the swamp, he pumped water into it.  Trump’s actions did not match his promises to the American people, from hiring John Bolton to promoting Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State.  Bobby does what he says and knows where the bodies are buried.

Examples of What RFK Jr Has Done for the Latino and African American Communities

  • In 1991, Kennedy represented the NAACP in a lawsuit battling the creation of a garbage transfer station in an underserved neighborhood in New York.
    Between 1996 and 2000, Kennedy represented Mexican fishing communities in their battle against Mitsubishi's proposed salt facility in the whale breeding waters of Baja.
  • In 2001, Kennedy was arrested for protesting US military testing in the fishing waters of Puerto Rico and served 30 days in jail, eventually resulting in the termination of the US bombing of Puerto Rican waters that were causing cancers from uranium exposure and toxic spills.

Join Me in Supporting RFK Jr. Email Example 

Hello _________,

I am reaching out to let you know that I am supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his run for the presidency. I’ve endorsed Bobby through AV24, a Super PAC with a mission to elect Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President. The group is passionate about RFK Jr.’s vision and believes in the change he can bring to America, so I’ve decided to join them.  

If you’d like to learn more about Bobby’s policies and ideologies, check out these informative documents:

Why Should I Endorse Bobby

Bobby On The Issues

In this new digital and globalized age, we can help one another – no matter how far apart we are. If we put our minds and hearts together, we will take back our democracy and improve this country.

Change must start from the personal and local level. But standing in solidarity with each other is equally vital. American Vales has created a support community that allows us to work together towards a shared vision, and I encourage you to join me in supporting RFK, Jr. for President. 

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