Zogby Poll Shows Kennedy’s Anti-Corruption Messaging Resonating in NH 


NEW HAMPSHIRE - While the DNC abandons the state and President Biden is nowhere to be found, another new poll from John Zogby Strategies shows RFK Jr. surging to 31% of likely primary voters in New Hampshire. The poll was commissioned by American Values 2024 (AV2024), a SuperPAC supporting Kennedy.  “The corrupt DNC has used everything in its toolkit to destroy Kennedy, but the strategy is clearly failing,” said Tony Lyons, co-chair of American Values 2024 and board member of the National Coalition Against Censorship. “In a three-way,” pollster Jeremy Zogby writes in his analysis, “Biden leads 46% to Kennedy’s 31%, with Marianne Williamson taking 7%, leaving 16% undecided.” The poll then tests two head-to-head matchups between Biden and Kennedy. In the first, Kennedy narrows Biden’s lead to a mere 8 points, standing at 41% to Biden’s 49%. In the second, after testing Kennedy's support for keeping the NH primary first-in- the-nation among his other challenges to the DNC establishment, he finds himself neck-in-neck with the President of the United States, 42% to Biden’s 43%.  This news comes on the heels of a previous Zogby poll which showed Kennedy gaining rapidly in the Biden campaign’s flagship state of South Carolina (24%, to be exact). Both polls reveal President Biden to be an increasingly shaky incumbent. “The almost daily vilification of Kennedy shows the DNC and the Biden campaign in full panic mode, using censorship, smear tactics, and false claims in a desperate attempt to discredit the most exciting candidate in recent history,” stated Lyons.