Surging donations come equally from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents as Kennedy's populist message resonates across political spectrum.

Within six hours of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s announcement of his decision to run as an Independent, more than $11,000,000 in contributions have flooded into the SuperPAC from people of all political persuasions across the country.

This is not unlike the $5,000,000 in contributions that came in DURING Bobby’s congressional testimony on censorship, where Democratic Committee members, ironically, attempted to censor him. In total, American Values 2024 has now raised more than $28,000,000 since it was founded in late 2022.

“Americans don’t like censorship or propaganda and they are tired of being lied to,” said Tony Lyons, co-founder of American Values, the super PAC supporting Kennedy (and funder of The Kennedy Beacon).

“It’s clear that Bobby is inspiring a populist movement that unites left and right, black, and white, rural and urban, young and old,” Lyons continued. “His campaign is a movement built for and by the people, not corrupt politicians and corporations.  You can see it from town to town across the country: There is real electricity and a palpable desire for change.”

Added Lyons: “Millions of independent-minded Americans are seeing through the most powerful censorship and propaganda campaign against any candidate in American political history.  They are angry at the DNC for attempting to disenfranchise them, eager to support an honest Democrat and more open than ever before in American history to an Independent and honest candidate.”

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