A super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy for president reports that a single donor who has given millions to Republicans in previous elections provided almost half of the funds it has raised so far this year. 

American Values 2024 revealed in a mid-year filing to the Federal Election Commission that it raised about $9.8 million through the first half of the year. But $5 million of that came from Timothy Mellon, a GOP megadonor who gave millions during the last cycle to a super PAC that works to elect Republicans to the House and also donated thousands to several GOP House and Senate candidates. American Values previously shared that it raised $6.47 million throughout July with donations from Democrats and Republicans, including Mellon. It also noted that it received a donation from Abby Rockefeller, who has long supported Democrats. 

“The fact that Kennedy gets so much bipartisan support tells me two things: that he’s the one candidate who can unite the country and root out corruption and that he’s the one Democrat who can win in the general election,” Mellon said in the release

Other major donations that the super PAC received include $4.5 million from Gavin de Becker, a security consultant who has donated to Democratic and Republican campaigns over the years, including more recently Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s (Wis.) 2022 reelection campaign and Andrew Yang’s 2020 presidential campaign. Yang was a Democrat at the time but has since left the party. 

Kennedy is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and son of former Attorney General Robert Kennedy.