• What’s happening on our southern border is a humanitarian crisis. 
  • It’s a disgraceful reflection of the political class’s abdication of its primary function: to govern, to safeguard national security, and to alleviate suffering.
  • Over the last three years, some 7 million people have entered the United States, most of them illegally. While many are fleeing legitimate persecution and possible death in their native countries, most are coming here for work.
  • The border crisis is overwhelming local jurisdictions and fueling xenophobic bigotry that some politicians and pundits use to whip up more division among everyday Americans. At the same time, our president seems oblivious that a crisis exists. The immigrants are preyed upon by cartels and human traffickers. They’re stripped of their meager belongings and raped and murdered or left to die of thirst in the desert. How can our government ignore this? President Biden has failed to exercise leadership and to take effective action. It’s a surrender to dystopia. We’re losing Border Patrol agents to suicide; they’re so demoralized. Compassion and decency demand that we not allow the current situation to continue.
  • These people are families, mothers, and children desperate to find a haven, a place to work and live with some hope. And they’re not just from Latin and South America but from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, many of them driven out by conditions our military and political misadventures have created. But our country simply cannot give carte blanche to everyone who wants to come here to work and live. 
  • RFK Jr will seal the border to stanch the crisis and immediately appoint an adequate number of asylum judges to adjudicate asylum cases on the spot. Now, asylum applicants are given a court date seven years later and allowed in! The more significant challenge is to overhaul our long-neglected immigration policy. We’ve got to have a fair and orderly process for entry combined with regulated work and student visas that Kennedy will expand. Additionally, American employers must be brought to heel for their illegal hiring practices. One way to enforce legal hiring in this country is to issue every American a passport card free of charge – right now, they cost anywhere from $65 to $120. By requiring a passport for legal employment, Kennedy believes we will discourage illegal immigrants from coming, knowing that these documents are difficult to fabricate or to secure without proof of American citizenship.