Americans who work hard should be able to afford a home, a car, to have a family if they choose, child care, health care, education, and a vacation. They should be able to save for retirement and emergencies. America’s domestic policies must be revamped to align with 21st-century realities. Stopping the forever wars – which have cost the U.S. Treasury $8 trillion over the last twenty years – is priority one. Funding for the military will be redirected to a modernized clean energy grid and to revolutionize our deteriorated transportation sector with high-speed trains and EV charging stations. Imagine the skilled, high-paying jobs these critical improvements will create. The minimum wage has to be raised, access to free childcare expanded, and a program of 3% mortgages created to stimulate a new generation of homeownership. Student loan debt must be made dischargeable in bankruptcy court and interest rates on those loans slashed to zero. Prescription drug prices must be cut in half and the chronic disease epidemic tackled. Real tax code reform has to be addressed to roll-back unfair corporate tax subsidies and exemptions. Working people can no longer carry the unfair burden of financing our government while handed worsening socio-economic prospects in return.